Vocal Athlete Services

Dr. Wendy’s clients include Broadway performers, world-class opera singers, and elite commercial music artists in all genres. Discrete, behind the scenes, exclusive services meet you where you are as an artist and are customized to optimize your voice and performance demands.  Just as physical athletes can strengthen their performance by conditioning using targeted exercises, Dr. Wendy is a respected world-class expert at providing high-level vocal injury prevention, vocal risk assessment/management, and voice maximization for the vocal athlete.

Committed to helping you maximize vocal performance and minimize vocal injury (without changing or compromising your artistic vision), Dr. Wendy uniquely combines a physiologic and artistic approach to voice production for immediate results and long term neuromotor integration.

Vocal Risk Assessment

If your lead singer is out, you either have to cancel your gig or, at the least, your revenue as a band is severely limited.  Don’t take that risk!  Musicians insure their instruments and sound systems to avoid loss of revenue and replacement.  Take that same care with your voice.  It is the only instrument you can’t replace. You hire a financial planner to meet your financial goals by investing your money, with a comfortable level of risk and ultimately maximize on your investment.  Dr. Wendy parallels that model for each vocal athlete.  A Vocal Risk Assessment takes the artists needs, performance demands, management expectations, and goals into consideration.  Maximize performance, minimize vocal risk, maintain your artistic vision, reach your vocal goals.

Individualized/ Personalized Vocal Fitness & Maximization Plans ™

Personal fitness trainers maximize athletes’ potential through individualized assessment, setting performance goals, and specified training plans to meet those goals.  Paralleling this model of training, Dr. Wendy is the Personal Vocal Fitness Trainer who can design and implement a plan to maximize your vocal performance and keep you vocally fit for a lifetime.  Similar to personal trainers, I take into account your current vocal fitness level, your desired vocal fitness goals (range, stamina, flexibility, agility, power), and your vocal demands.  A personalized plan is created to meet you where you are and provide exercises to meet your goals. Whether you are preparing a role, in the midst of a tour, or are in recovery mode post performance.  Dr. Wendy’s Personalized Vocal Fitness Plan™ is designed with your vocal performance demands and goals in mind. 

  • Role/vocal development
  • Role/vocal maintenance
  • Role/vocal transition

Vocal Boot Camp


If you are in need of a short, intense period of vocal recovery following a heavy tour or vocal injury, Dr. Wendy offers on-site and remote Vocal Boot Camp options providing vocal rehabilitation as well as voice maximization options. 

Concierge Voice Services

Confidential concierge voice services to meet the needs of the premiere vocal artist.  With over 20 years in the elite commercial and classical vocal music industry, Dr. Wendy's expertise and discretion keeps her artists on stage and healthy.

Tele-habilitation Services

Out on tour or too far away for on-site services?  Dr. Wendy offers tele-habilitation services to meet your voice needs. 

Recording Studio Vocal Maximization Services

Ensure that the tracks you are laying down in the studio are repeatable in live performance night after night.  Services to maximize your vocal performance as well as coordinate with your recording engineer will ensure that the time and energy you spend will allow your album to be vocally successful.

Role & Audition Preparation

Maintaining a small number of elite performers ensures quality time and attention to detail with each person.  Whether you are prepping your next Broadway role, national tour, gig, or high-level college audition, Dr. Wendy has options to meet your needs and maximize your performance.  These one-on-one sessions are limited and in demand.